How many times have you spent sleepless nights tossing and turning on your bed, cursing that rough bedsheet that you spread on the bed before sleep? Almost all of us have gone through the same pain at least ten times in our lives and many of us are still troubling ourselves with the same. Rough bedsheets especially made up of woolen or low quality materials often cause allergies resulting in unsound sleep. Less sleep affects us mentally as well as physically. If one sleeps less, we tend to get annoyed and lethargic the other day. Thus materials of bed sheets do affect our health.   We want to go to our bed and sleep as soon as possible after slogging our hours in offices. But alas, the new bedsheet that we bought four days ago is causing allergies already and the next day we eventually step into the market to buy cotton bedsheets that have several health benefits:

1. Sound Sleep: One of the benefits of sleeping on cotton bedsheets is that since these bedsheets are soft and light, you doze off for several hours soundly and sound sleep means a happy morning the next day. You can go for blue or white shades in scorching summers, such colors keep you cool.

2. Good for summers: Other Since cotton is a light material, cotton bedsheets are good for summers. It keeps the temperature comparatively cooler and lower than other bedsheets that are rather warm. Colors like pastel, white and even floral bedsheets are good for summer season. You can also choose designs of your choice for the bedsheets- triangular pattern, circles etc.

3. Sleep free of allergies: More often than not you find rashes on your skin. Mosquitoes always are not the culprits. Sometimes, you have to blame your bedsheets too! Bad quality bedsheets or materials other than cotton may be rough on your skin and may cause rashes thus making you allergic and thereby hampering your sleep. Yes, the material matters. Since cotton is soft in nature, cotton bedsheets are soft on your skin and thus you can sleep allergy free. 

 4. Clean bedsheets means healthy sleep: Most of the times you are lazy to wash those big heavy sheets and hence the practice washing sheets reduces from every week to 15 days. But do you know you should wash your bedsheet every week to stay fit and healthy? Bedsheets are very prone to becoming houses for bugs and bed bugs can give you painful sores. But if you use cotton bedsheets it is durable and easy to wash. You don’t need to bother yourself to wash it by your hands rather just dump it in the washing machine and let it do its tasks. You end up getting clean bed sheets every week.

 “Embrace your bed with a touch of grace and comfort"

Bedsheets hold immense importance in our lives. Many a time they play a pivotal role in deciding vibes of our mind. Prerak Deziners™ is one of the most promising bedsheets brand which provides you with the most beautiful and comfortable Bed Sheets. Among all the fabrics of bed sheets, cotton bed sheets hold the most appealing position.

The Top reasons for choosing cotton bedsheets

Cotton Bedsheets manufactured by Prerak Deziners Private Limited excels beautifully on the parameters of superior quality and excellent durability. They last long and their quality remains commendable for a good duration of time.

Cotton bed sheets are available in single, double / queen and king-size as well. You can have access to our beautiful and comfortable Bed Sheets through any of the eminent shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Our Bedsheets are available online in all varieties, sizes, and colors.

Cotton Bedsheet amply proves to be most relaxing during summers as they prove to be a big relief from humidity in the atmosphere. We efficiently implement the most vibrant and suitable material for our Bedsheets.

Our major parameter in the provision of Bed Sheets includes reasonable prices. We deliver the best to you at your comfort scale keeping the most genuine price tags. Prerak Deziners™ cares for you and never compromises with your quality expectations and your comfort level, and we maintain our promise by providing you with the most comfortable and beautiful Bedsheets.


Our Bedsheets are unique because they have the most exclusive designs, ravishing prints, appeasing material, enthralling fabric, and an ethereal appearance. We excel parameters of both looks and quality in our Bed Sheets.

Cotton Bedsheets never fail to provide us with immense joy and relaxation. We promise you the most authentic and durable cotton material in our Bedsheets. You will fall in love with the softness and firmness of our Bedsheets' material. You will not be able to resist yourself and will glide again and again in the comfortable and soft lap of our Bedsheets.

Why choose us?

Give your bed a graceful look with the best Prerak Deziners™ Bedsheets. Experience the joy of real quality and comfort with our cotton bedsheets. Our bed sheets will make your bed more eye captivating and will add glitter to your moments of relaxation and comfort.

There are numerous reasons to buy bedsheets from PrerakDeziners.com and zero not to.  We never put your quality criteria and comfort on stake.  Our Bed Sheets always fulfill your criteria of reasonability and authenticity in every range. We provide you with the extra comfortable cotton bed sheets which last long, are easy to wash and contain impeccable designs and prints.

You need not rummage for genuine bedsheets when you meet us because you discover accountability and credibility in every bedsheet you opt for, it does not matter what its price or size, we have kept standards of quality high in every single cotton bedsheets we designed.  Come to us and enjoy the pure essence of relaxing and rejuvenating bedsheets.


The bed is the place where you sleep with dreamsand wake up with plans. In true sense, that makes it the most happening place of your room where you spend a large part of your time. A quick nap in the afternoon or peaceful sleep in the night, your bed has to be the most relaxing part of your room. Besides, since it occupies the largest space in your room, naturally it must look most attractive and comfortable aesthetically. A comfy mattress and an appealing bed sheet can make your bed look the cynosure of all eyes. With alluring bed linen, you can make it a great expression of your persona, adding depth and character to your bedroom!!

Bed sheets are no longer those dull plains that may be classy but so cliché. Now days, you have so many options that you can change the entire look of your room and add that WOW factor day after day. With lovely floral or geometric patterns to choose, you can enhance your room with a style twist!!

But of course, before you buy those bed sheets, there are a few things you must keep in mind.

Fit to Size

Beds can be of all sizes, and so the bed sheets must be in accordance to that. When your bed sheets are smaller, they expose the sides of the mattress, and that looks really tacky. Besides, they tend to come off at the slightest movement and make your sleep uncomfortable. Extra large sized bed sheets though cover the sides well but get difficult to tuck in. So, buying the right measure is a perfect idea. You can buy King size, Queen or twin size as per requirement. Taking the measurements of your bed, from top to and side to side will help you buy the right size of bed sheet. And don’t forget to consider the thickness of the mattress!!

Once you are done with that, check the dimensions of the sheet, match it with your bed size, taking into account the mattresses and of course, the shrinkage, as some sheets often shrink putting your measurements into awry!!

Count the threads

Not literally of course!! The thread count simply means number of threads per square inch in both directions in the weave. Higher thread count, means luxurious and comfortable feel. However, it also means that individual threads will be thinner and that is not a good thing because it reduces the durability. So, if you are looking for softness and durability, then a thread count of 250-500 is the right range. Anything below 144, is strictly Na Na!

Know your fabric

The fabric is the most important thing to consider before buying bed sheets. Cotton is the most popular choice but cotton blends that offer non-wrinkling are also in trending. Winters bring flannel as another option that is cozy and comfortable in the cold weather. But for those who look for luxury, satin, silk and microfiber offer a great deal, chic opulence that reflects style!! Budget can be a constraint and depending on that you can choose, the best buy for yourself.

Go Gaga Online, but with caution

Online shopping is fun and easy. And there is plenty of choice for bed sheets online. However, caution in buying bed sheet online is a must. There is no dearth of options when shopping online in terms of colors, styles, patterns, and prices. You can get single bed sheet, double bed sheet, cotton bed sheets, King size Bed sheets and many more as per need. Bed covers in different colors, patterns are also available online. Comparison is easy and you can choose that best fits your requirements.

However, since you cannot feel and check the cloth while shopping online, it is a must to consider the repute and quality offered by the store from where you are making the purchase of bed sheets. Checking testimonials and reviews of customers before buying will help you verify thecredibility of the Brand.


Everyone wants to get value for money and best quality, so considering every aspect prior to shopping is a must!


Always choose bedsheets wisely, lest you should end up suffering. I am very fond of floral cotton bedsheets. The floral designs and the use of a variety of colors from light shades to dark have always stolen my heart away. Besides cotton bedsheets are good for sound sleep and health, I prefer them because I have memories attached to it.

Green has been my favorite color since childhood and whenever we used to visit my grandma’s place she would always spread a green color floral bedsheet for me and I just loved that bedsheet. The floral designs looked amazing and the colors were soothing to the eyes. I am nostalgic about that green bedsheet while writing this blog too and I can feel the soft and smooth texture of that bedsheet.

 My grandma was fond of bedsheets and had a large collection too so all of my cousins would get their favorite color bedsheet. My younger brother would get bedsheet with designs of triangle shape because he loved geometric.

 My mother carried the same tradition. She is also fond of cotton bedsheets that she had one whole section emptied in her wardrobe for cotton bed sheets. She used to spread cotton bed sheets of different colors in different rooms. For my room she used to spread green colored bed sheet in diagonal and triangular patterns. I used to love that bed sheet. It felt soft to touch and made me sleep soundly, no rashes, no allergies.

Today too I used cotton double bed sheets in my room. It reminds me of my mom’s touch, soft and soothing. I change my bedsheet every day and each day spread, sheets with variable colors. Blue, green pink and the patterns on them are strikingly beautiful.

These cotton bed sheets also enhance the look of your bed room. I suggest you to try out green and white cotton bed sheet, it has green colors leaf printed over it with white as its base color. You can match it up with green colored pillows. If you love shades of red or orange, you must try it. It will brighten up your room. Small square patterns or triangles also are trendy today.




It is so soft that my sister in law often wraps her little munchkin in a simple cotton bed sheet. The baby sleeps peacefully. There are no complaints of rashes or other skin allergies. The best part is she keeps on washing the sheets frequently and still the color does not fade and the softness of cotton bed sheet is maintained.

My mother is still in the habit of spreading cotton sheets. She even gifted me 5 king size bed sheets last year on my arrival at home. The bed sheets were so durable that it has been a year and still the sheets are just as they were when gifted by mom. These bed sheets were so soft, breathable and stunning. Blue, pink and multi color bed sheets match with the light shades of my wall and give it a posh look.

I thus share an emotional connection with the bed sheets, these sheets carry memories of my grandma and mother and often make me nostalgic.


Gone are the days when bed sheets would mostly be white or at most, off-white! There are number of options to take your pick from, including some attractive bed sheets in geometric pattern and floral pattern. With the proper bedding, you can incorporate depth and character to your bedroom!

Keep these pointers in mind before you buy bed sheets:

Measure your bed

Even if you know the terms twin, king, or queen when it comes to sizes, the standard measurement for beds often differ from maker to maker. That is why it is imperative to check the dimensions from top to bottom, and side to side. The thickness of the mattress should also be taken into account.

Check sheet measurements

Once you are done measuring the bed, scrutinize the exact size of bed sheets. It is necessary that the fitted sheet is sufficiently deep for your mattress. Keep in mind that many sheets might shrink a bit after being washed for the first time.

Thread counts

The thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch in both directions in the weave. The more the thread count, the more luxurious the fabric will feel, so comfort level goes up as well. However, higher thread counts also mean thinner-than-usual individual threads, so they might not wear as well. It is best to choose thread count not lower than 144 and above 250. Please ensure they are durable bed sheets that don’t get frayed easily.

Select your fabric

Affordability definitely plays an integral role here as you should only buy as per budget. Cotton remains the most popular fabric, but non-wrinkling cotton blends are in great demand as well. If you want to buy weather-specific sheets, opt for flannel in winter as it imparts a cozy feel. However, if luxury is the top priority, satin, silk and microfiber is your best bet. You should also consider if you can maintain the bed sheets properly as per manufacturer’s instructions – find out if it comes under your budget.

Search for right the store

When it comes to online shopping of bed sheets, you have plethora of choices in terms of colors, styles, patterns, and prices. It is easy to compare different bed sheets and select the one that best fits your requirements. But you have to ensure the store you are buying from is reputable and sells quality merchandize. Verify their credibility by checking testimonials and reviews by previous customers. Call them to discuss any concerns you might have before buying anything.

Every one wants comfortable bed sheets, but don’t forget to consider every aspect prior to shopping!

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